Fishing for King Salmon at Buoy 10 out of Astoria, Oregon - Extended Cut

Known as one of the best spots to catch king and coho salmon, the Buoy 10 fishery is located at the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon - right where the river mixes with the Pacific Ocean. NWFR explores this fishery "family style" as Rob Holman brings out his daughters, his friend former SF Giant Jeremy Affeldt, and Jeremy's son Walker, to take on this challenging fishery. Top fishing guide Adam Hocking of Steel Dreams Guide Service hosts the crew for an action packed day of salmon catching, (including a run in with sea lion) in a one of a kind setting. Adam discusses bait and gear to catch salmon at Buoy 10, technical aspects of the fishery, and the load of things to do on the Washington and Oregon Coast for the whole family when fishing in the area.
Steel Dreams Guide Service:
This is extended footage from an NWFRTV episode - watch NWFRTV#44 here: