Hell's Canyon Idaho Sturgeon Fishing Adventure - Extended Cut

NWFR joins Gabe and Julie Cassell of Snake Dancer Excursions on a two-day fishing adventure for bass, sturgeon, and catfish - all the way up Hell's Canyon on the Snake River by jet boat.
Without a doubt one of the THE most scenic and epic fishing adventures NWFR has ever been on. Join us as we explore over 80 miles up the Snake River through Class 4 rapids all the way to the terminal dam - catching non-stop smallmouth bass and some impressive sturgeon fishing along the way!
Check out Snake Dancer Excursions: https://snakedancerexcursions.com/
This is extended footage from an NWFRTV episode - watch NWFRTV#34 here: https://youtu.be/qdHcQhfAP70