Lower Hampton Lake: Fishing Location in Grant County

This brief video gives you a lay of the land of Lower Hampton Lake. Features such as hiking trails, parking lots, launch areas, and the overall landscape are displayed to give you a better idea of this fishing location.
At one time, the Hamptons were the hottest lakes in the Seep Lakes group of Washington State. Traditionally the Hamptons were part of the March first opener, but the state placed them on the April first opener for 2003. The largest fish have come from Upper Hampton, with the majority of the fish coming in from Lower. Upper Hampton Lake is a walk-in lake you can access after about a half mile hike. Lower Hampton Lake however has an on-site parking lot, and also contains a boat ramp suitable for shallow draft boats. No camping or overnight parking is allowed.
Mike Carey, accompanied by John Kruse and both of their sons, fished at this location. While being a relatively desolate-looking county, Lower Hampton Lake is popular destination area. They found that power bait has been a supreme strategy on both Hampton lakes, but trolling and releasing the smaller fish is a solid approach as well. There are many trout to be caught here.
Thanks to Mark Reed.