Medical Lake: Fishing Location in Spokane

A jewel of a lake located in the City of Medical Lake, just 15 minutes from downtown Spokane. At the end of the 19th century it was popular with bathers for it's "medicinal properties" in the water. Today it is popular with fly fishermen, kayakers and marathon swimmers. A paved walking/biking trail encircles the lake. A "no motor" policy on the lake keeps the serene surroundings pleasant. Stocked with both Rainbow and German Brown Trout that grow rapidly. Medical Lake is a "Selective Gear Rule" lake, which means "NO BAIT ALLOWED". It is monitored closely by the Game Department and the local police for violators of this rule. Be sure to read the fishing regulations.
Special thanks to Paul Reece for contributing his music for this video.
Previously released May 17, 2007.
By Marc Martyn.