Walleye Fishing & Turkey Hunting on Lake Roosevelt | NWFRTV#35

This episode of NWFRTV features deep water jigging for walleye and burbot on Lake Roosevelt with Todd Graves of Lake Roosevelt Charters. On this special trip, NWFR's Mike Carey and Dave Mason, along with Dan Gabriel of the General Store Spokane getting a cast and blast combo, "turkey in the morning, walleye in the afternoon", with Rick Wakefield of Buck Canyon Lodge in Gifford, WA. Todd Graves goes in depth on how to jig for walleye, a quick and easy way to clean walleye, and the "Hunter's" area of Lake Roosevelt.
Produced for broadcast television in 2018.
Lake Roosevelt Charters: https://lakerooseveltcharters.com/
Buck Canyon Lodge: http://buckcanyon.net