BC Halibut & Chelan Winter Kokanee | NWFRTV#7

NWFR joins Adrian O'Connor of Reel Obsession Sportfishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia for some premier halibut fishing. Master Guide O'Connor shows us what bottom structure to look for when targeting halibut, reviews the right baits and tackle to use, and talks proper fish handling when landing these great tasting fish. The NWFR team lands some nice big halibut and have a great time.
Then, Mike Carey heads to Lake Chelan, Washington for some winter kokanee fishing with Jeff Witkowski of Darrell and Dad's Family Guide Service. Jeff is a Mack's Lure pro staffer and specializes in winter kokanee and shows off some winter kokanee fishing gear, tips on bait, trolling speed, and much more. Jeff's friend "Pepe" comes along and shows off the "kokanee dance", the secret to all his fishing success.
Originally produced for broadcast television on KAYU FOX 28 Spokane in 2016.
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