Puget Sound Fall Coho Storm Coming! - Extended Cut

Get ready to catch some coho salmon! Coho fishing can be a blast! Fast and furious with bursts of fish catching action - get ready for some hot coho fishing.
NWFR hits the waters of Puget Sound with CJ & Janice Kogler of BC's Hardcore Salmon Fishing group. Two days of fall saltwater coho salmon commence. Fun show out of the Edmonds Marina in the North Sound.
Mike and CJ discuss great areas to fish for coho in the fall, different gear and tactics that work for coho salmon in the saltwater anywhere, and other tips throughout this fun video. A load of coho salmon are caught too! 
This is extended footage from an NWFRTV episode - watch NWFRTV# 49 here: https://youtu.be/rySXCldmLRQ