Lake Roosevelt White Sturgeon & Keechelus Kokanee Fishing | NWFRTV#27

Informative show starts on Washington's hottest keeper sturgeon fishery of the last couple years. Guide Shane Reynolds of Northwest Fishing Expeditions offers tons of fishing tips for white sturgeon out of Kettle Falls on the Columbia Rivers Lake Roosevelt. The sturgeon fishing is excellent and Shane offers advice on his top sturgeon bait choices, including his sturgeon squid bait recipe.
We limit out on keeper sturgeon with a boat load of special guests, and catch some undersize sturgeon and a huge oversize sturgeon!
Then Mike Carey gets some kokanee fishing in on Washington's Lake Keechelus, an upper elevation lake located along side Interstate 90. Using Arctic Fox Trolling Flies and some Mack's Lure gear, Mike offers a great overview of Lake Keechelus.
Originally aired on broadcast TV in 2018.
Northwest Fishing Expeditions:
Arctic Fox Trolling Flies: