Hot Fishing Reports from

Hot Fishing Reports from

This past month’s hot action reports from our members focused on pink salmon. With a healthy run of fish returning to Puget Sound waters it was a blast to read reports as the fish made their way from the salt to the rivers. As of this writing, the fish will be mostly in the rivers and the males developing their distinctive hump. Unless you find a brighter fish with some sea lice still on it the table fare will be continuing to decline. That said, there will still be a few “good for the smoker” fish to be had. Meanwhile, the upriver brights (chinook on the Columbia) will be the fish to target so be sure to check into our website for the latest member reports – and do share your own successes. We all gain when we share information!

Skagit River Pinks – This report from JoshH is all about those pinks! The Skagit is a great pink salmon pink and Josh goes into the information in this great report. Included is a nice video. Josh fishes out of a kayak, which looks like a lot of fun and is certainly very effective. Read Here:

Snohomish River Pinks – OK, I had to include myself as our group had such a blast catching pinks on the Snohomish with guide Brianna Bruce of Livin’ Life Adventures Guide Service (206-714-2112). Brianna had us on fish non-stop all morning and let me tell you it was a hoot! Lots of fish in the Snohomish system and there should be a few left!

Green River Coho – A great report and informative video can be found in this report from member brianmonticello. Lots of good tips from Brian and some fun video action!

Secret Lake Kokanee – sometimes our members post “secret reports” where they don’t give the location they fished. Some think it’s just bragging, but I enjoy these reports. I appreciate our members sharing their adventures however they want to. A nice limit of kokanees for NWFR member mgrahamjo in this report:

Sekiu Sivers – Seiku coho fishing can be amazing (I know, we were there recently with Donn Morse of Old Goat lures, but that’s another fishing story…), anyway, this report from fishindan pretty much sums up the Sekiu salmon experience – lots of fish, lots of released wilds, and throw in some fun bottomfish action. It’s all good!

Point Defiance Crab – Let’s end this month’s hot reports with something different for you to consider, crab. Longtime NWFR member Toni and her son had a fun day catching keeper crab at Point Defiance. There’s even a “hot spot” to help you zero in on a good spot to try. Read Here:

Here’s wishing you some great fishing in October. Be sure to share your reports on See you on the water!

Written by Mike Carey


Skagit River Pinks JoshH – caption – “JoshH having a blast catching pinks from his kayak.”

Snohomish River Pinks – “The NWFR film crew had a blast catching limits of chrome pink salmon.”

Green River Pinks – “Crazy schools of pinks made for an exciting day.”

Secret Lake Kokanee – “A nice limit of good eating kokanee.”

Sekiu Silvers – “fishindan with a beautiful Sekiu coho.”

Point Defiance crab – “Adam got this nice red rock crab off of Point Defiance”

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