Hot Report for June

Hot Report for June

This month’s Hot Reports can be interpreted literal as the Pacific Northwest went through a record-breaking heat wave! But that didn’t stop NWFR members from getting out and doing what we all love – fishing! Here are some reports that caught our eyes.

Area 10 Coho Salmon – The resident coho salmon season opened, and reports were mixed. That said, resident salmon in Puget Sound are a lot of fun and can be very hot the first few weeks of the season. Long time NWFR member “Seattle Pat” had good success. Five silvers kept and two kings released is a good day! Read his report here: Area 10 Seattle - Bremerton Report, Washington - NWFR (

Riffe Lake – Yakhusker had a stellar day on Riffe. The launch is challenging but if you get on the water it can be very good fishing for silvers and trout. Limits every day is what we like to hear! Riffe lake was planted with a LOT of triploid trout and in the years to come it should become outstanding for trout. The big question on everyone’s minds is how will the silvers be affected? Stay tuned and check out the reports as they come in. Riffe Lake Report, Lewis County, WA - NWFR (

Pike fishing on Hayden Lake? This was an awesome report and video from brent338. Did you know you can embed videos in your fishing reports? It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come being able to share information! Read and watch here: Hayden Lake Report, Kootenai County, ID - NWFR (

Herefishy (a great NWFR name BTW) reports she got a beautiful 20” cutthroat out of Lake Sammamish. Pretty impressive for this fishery any time of the year, in particularly in summer. They also got a couple kokanee (safely released) and a small blackmouth. Urban fisheries are great! Details Here: Sammamish Lake Report, King County, WA - NWFR (

We all love fresh clams – right? Clam chowder, clam linguine… my mouth is watering! NWFR member nerka nailer took a break from fishing and gave us a report on hot clamming on the Washington beaches. We are so blessed to have all these opportunities! Read Here: Marine Zone Report, Oregon - NWFR (

Long Lake has a bit of everything for anglers. For NWFR member ifightnerz it was a smallmouth bass on every other cast – that is some steady action! He included a Hotspot to help you out. Read his report Here: Spokane(Long) Lake Report, Spokane County, WA - NWFR (

JoshH sent us a nice report and video on the rainbow trout action at American Lake. He had a pretty impressive catch lineup. He reports an Olive Wooly Bugger and a green Doc Spratley fly 16 inches behind a dodger was the hot ticket. American Lake has a new launch area. Worth checking out. His report : Goodwin Lake Report, Snohomish County, WA - NWFR (

I hope your summer is full of Hot Reports of your own. Be sure to post them on NWFR’s website for your chance at a $25 gift card. The picture contest is running weekly and you can enter as often as you go fishing. Good luck out there!

Written by Mike Carey

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