Panko Halibut

Panko Halibut

By Jason Brooks

Halibut is at the top of most anglers and culinary list of fish to catch and eat. The white flesh flakes easily and is mild so it takes to the palate of everyone, from those that don’t like “fishy fish” to those that do like fish, everyone likes halibut. Fish and Chips often means fried fish but there are several batters and preparations that can vary the way the fish taste, looks and how it cooks. If you have ever wondered how those restaurant fillets of halibut turn out so perfect, golden brown, light panko coating and flake easily, then this recipe will show you how to make that perfect halibut that you pay so much for at those restaurants.


2-3 pieces of halibut per person
2 cups Flour
2 Tablespoons Johnny’s Seafood seasoning salt
2 Tablespoon Ground black pepper
2-3 eggs (scrambled for an egg wash)
Box of Panko
Vegetable Oil (3 to 4 cups or enough to fry the fish without the fish touching the bottom of the pan)

*this recipe will make about 9 pieces of halibut, add more ingredients if you plan on cooking more fish.

Pre-heat the oil in a deep frying pan or Wok. Take each piece of halibut that has the skin removed and all bones pulled out or cut out. Dredge in flour seasoned with Johnny’s Seafood seasoning salt and ground black pepper. Then dip in the egg wash. You will notice that the seasoned flour turns to a sticky mess when washed with the egg which helps the panko crumbs stick to it. Next place on a plate that has a layer of panko crumbs and then sprinkle the exposed side of the halibut with more panko, turning over the piece until is it well coated. On another plate, place a small amount of panko crumbs to keep the pieces from sticking to it and finish each piece of halibut, which will stack on the plate. Once you have all of your halibut pieces coated in flour, egg washed and covered in panko the oil should be hot enough to fry the fish. It is important that the oil be hot and you can test it by dropping a few crumbs of panko into the pan. If the panko immediately floats and fry’s then it is ready for the fish. Fry the fish until dark yellow to orange, as it will continue to cook after you pull it from the oil. Don’t overcook the halibut as this tends to draw the fish oils out and dry out the fish. It takes about 3 minutes per side, and rotate the fish pieces once during the frying.

Place the cooked pieces of fish on a plate that is covered with paper towels to help with any oil runoff. It is that simple and delicious. Left overs are great re-heated the next day in an air fryer which keeps the fish crisp as microwaving it will often lead to soggy fish. The left overs also make great fish tacos.

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