Roosters - NW Good Eats by Hillary Holman

Roosters - NW Good Eats by Hillary Holman

Who: Roosters Landing

What: Beers Burgers and Booze

Where: 1010 Port Way, Clarkston, WA 99403


Located on the Washington side of the Snake River, a stones throw away from Granite Park sits funky Roosters Waterfront Restaurant. 

How I found It: 

Rob, Paul and I had been fishing the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater with Kyle Jones of Jones Sportfishing in mid-September.  Fishing was good and it was a beautiful day. Kyle suggested we head in for a lackadaisical lunch at Roosters, being it was Pauls’ Birthday. Paul had got his fish Selfie of the morning and was in good spirits, as always. Now I thought we were going for a ride, up or down the river I wasn’t sure. I was surprised at the mere 5-minute ride it took us to get from prime fishing waters to the boat landing at Roosters Waterfront Restaurant. A Typical lunch on the Snake for me consists of beef jerky, smoked salmon or whatever “Gas Station Food” I bought a long the way in. Not Today!  Today was Pauls’ Birthday, and his luck would have it we were fishing right next to Clarkston’s best little Funky Eatery.

We pulled the boat up to the landing and Kyle tied us off. I could see the restaurant from the river. The history of the building tickled my curiosity. I imagined all of what use to be and how the building may have been used. It was great to see an old industrial building repurposed and still in use today along the riverbank. A 1940’s flatbed adorned the covered patio along with patio heaters and lights.

Entering the building through the front Silo was the way to go.  History and nostalgia decorate these walls and hang from the vaulted ceiling above. I grabbed as much of the eye candy I could while making our way out to the patio that overlooked the infamous Snake. We sat there on the deck on a beautiful day of blue skies, good fishing, and good company enjoying a day that would resonate in my memory for years to come. A few of us ordered a couple beers to celebrate Paul on his Birthday. Others stuck to hydrating to make sure the day was seen through till the end. 

The battered asparagus was great to share as an appetizer. Rob ordered a burger and I ordered a steak, both worth raving about. The beers on tap were plentiful and the scenery superb. When fishing in Clarkston or Lewiston, I encourage you to give Roosters a shot. Pull up to the landing, let your hair down and take it in. Whether it be the fishing, the food, the beer, the view or the company, memories are made at Roosters.

Happy Birthday Paul! Cheers!

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