When All Else Fails - Fish!

When All Else Fails - Fish!

By Ross Jewell

We have all been in rough water lately which has brought some strange and for some also scary or unwanted feelings.

The great news is that when all else fails we can all.... Fish. Fishing is so amazing as young, old, disabled, healthy, wealthy or simple surviving we can all fish and even using old, borrowed or free gear have one of the most enjoyable times in life.

Living in the great northwest means we have thousands of wonderful areas to fish and not just popular beaches, lakes and rivers. There are so many small boat launches, public fishing piers and small parks that almost always have an extra area, shore or beach to explore. We can drop a line to see what is hidden as a small but exciting secret for anyone with a fishing license who is curious of creatures out of sight!

Remember to always check your local fishing regulation's booklet or online fishing site to see what areas are open for specific species and sites like NWFR for other important news. We can have a great time finding our own way or style of fishing plus our favorite seasons, areas and kinds of fishing enjoyment for a unique experience.

Many people in the Northwest are after Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut which they spend many (possibly frustrating) hours, days or weeks chasing these dreams that do not always... Pan Fri Out - Bad Fishing Pun!

Schools of people find other ways to enjoy fishing life, like making lures, poles, weights, tackle art, catch and release photography along with many other fun forms. Fishing is not just about the person going fishing because it brings many benefits to others and the environment along the way. Purchasing a fishing license is the first step we make in changing the world for humans, animals and nature alike. This money is so well spent for everyone to enjoy such as new trails, piers, boat launches, habitat management for future enjoyment and many other ways as our view on natural preservation widens.

From the purchase of a license to enjoyment of the future fish feeding our community. We can feel good meeting new people in the fishing shop in which we have helped keep their local shop open for the next generation of excited anglers and anyone that wants to learn more about fishing. Finding joy in knowing we have helped so many local people enjoy jobs in parks, recreation, tourism, local markets, fishing shops and a variety of other areas. This along with preservation of many access points, lands and waterways needed for people and wildlife to sustain our ways of life.

Our environment wants us to be a responsible part of the whole and we can receive a great amount of enjoyment being out in a small, large or urban nature area. Many small parks boarder or are near great fishing opportunities, we just need to look and wonder where, when and how!

More people are looking for new local areas, not just huge destinations that can be costly, stressful to endure and a letdown. Before heading out it is good to be prepared for the day and safe in what we choose to enjoy. Local weather reports are a fast way to make sure you have the correct gear, clothing, food and water for your trip. Always good if someone knows the location which you plan to explore and for how long. In the NW we are prepared for most days having water, food, light weight raingear, waterproof shoes, beanie hat, gloves and a wool layer. Having this gear in your backpack with your fishing pole will offer new opportunities every day to catch a meal and not a dang cold!
It is always exciting to see and be part of a clean, healthy community and we should take a few steps on our adventures to make it a little better. This could be picking up a few bits of trash helping leave it cleaner for the next enthusiast, reporting illegal actions, not taking more than needed plus always treading lightly and quietly leaving no trace which can be an enjoyment (good for the soul). We can find joy, purpose and meaning for ourselves and many others in knowing everything we do can help and have an amazing impact in our local area. With our help the future of fishing can become more productive, enjoyable, safer and When All Else Fails We Can All… Fish.

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