By Hillary Holman

Trade show season is here and calling all sportsmen and women. It is the time to ponder and think about what changes we will make to our game this year, and wonder at the opportunities to be had this coming season. Trade shows give us sportsmen an upfront and personal glance into new products, new technologies, current trends, seminars, show specials, fishing ponds, tackle talk, gear, guides, lodges, food, and even more. It’s worth getting out to a show near you. The NW is home to competitive sportsmen and women, and the NW Trade Show circuit comes out swinging, just like its sportsmen. This traveling circus changes from city to city, each attracting local vendors, manufacturers, NW brands, and national companies.

The NW trade shows are built upon this premise: To Educate, Equip, and Execute make the sportsman and the adventurer. The NW was built upon this premise. The shows encompass this.

What to expect:

The Big Horn Show in Spokane is my favorite, and not just because it’s close to home. The Big Horn Show gets its name from its origin over 60 years ago, starting off as a competition for big game trophies using Boone and Crockett. It still brings in champion trophies, but alongside totes seminars, music, and some of the NW’s finest vendors and manufacturers. It’s a small city in a big town! Fly in! It's just a pond hop away. Proceeds go to INWC a 5013c.

Boise is home to Kyrptek. Making a presence with their camo apparel sale tent out front, Boise wears Kryptek proudly. They support the military and their local community. It’s Boy-see, not Boise, folks! Wear your boots! Buy a belt! It is also a pond hop away. Great access to the airport and nice hotels makes this a great weekend getaway. Buy luggage here to

bring home your goods. Tri Cities is sponsored by Griggs Ace Hardware! It’s a smaller show, but has all the fixings a show could offer.

Yakima! It’s not a big show and you will get to know people by the time you are through. It is a strong community. People here enjoy learning about new things going on in the industry, and I love that. The rifle range and the stories are prominent. The SunDome is fun, the people are friendly, and the tacos are muy bien. Bring the kids!

The Puyallup is a large show and brings in people far and wide: from Alaska to Nebraska, you will find it here. Stryker Rods comes in from Oregon, so pick up your NW manufactured rod while you have the chance. Buy an RV. Buy a boat. They have it in Puyallup. Book your hotel early for this one! Do the Puyallup!

Portland is the show that never ends. It goes on and on, my friends. Wear your Danner’s or your Nikes: you will get your steps in here. There is no sales tax in Oregon, so save 9% on top of the bargains already being offered. The beer flows in Portland, so be safe! Have fun! I wear my knife.

Wenatchee is home to Mack’s Lure. Go out and meet the legendary Bob Loomis and his younger self, Britton. Tell them Hillary sent you, and take a selfie! #NWFishing #MacksLure

The Big Sky Montana Sportsman’s Expo is here to stay. Can’t find their website?

The Big Sky Montana Sportsman’s Expo is here to stay. Can’t find their website? No worries! Check out their social media @montanasportsmansexpo. Big toys, big furniture, big EVERYTHING is in Montana. Bring a trailer. It’s worth the haul!

The BC Sportsman Show is just an hour and 45 minutes away from Everett. A lot is to be had in BC. Find a lodge and fisher’s package. Connect with hunters and outdoor adventurers. Meet manufacturers. Friends are to be made in BC and friends are to be kept, AYE? Buy a BOOT! Or a boat, it will be swell either way! Book a fishing charter for sure.

Redmond, Oregon. Don’t get this confused with Building 45 and the floating bridge. This is South. The traffic is much better, so hit the road and make the drive. Many people like to save on the sales tax in Oregon. The experience from vendors and guests is always the same, they say it is a great time. I have never been, but I trust Ed Iman, King of Walleye, when he tells me so.

If I missed any of your shows, please excuse me. I haven’t heard from you and can’t always be everywhere at one time. I would love to see what you are doing. Email NW Fishing!

Check your dates and pick your shows. Attending more than one is part of the fun! It’s a family and, like families, some family members won’t go to certain shows. You’ll see them at the next show, I bet.

Maybe I’ll see you there? Safe travels!